In memoriam
1949 — 2013

See images from John's wonderful life on his Facebook page.
This year, I dedicate my ride to my dearest friend, John Wright. John was my big brother and supporter during his life. He was one of those people who joined others together. He loved everyone. He never judged. He was always happy to see me.

Over the years that I knew him, John hosted a stream of guest in his Guerneville home. As a result, I got to meet so many fascinating people. He fought hard with HIV and related diseases. And for these reasons, he was someone to emulate.

So, this year, I'm raising $12,000 for Californians facing the challenges of HIV and AIDS by riding the AIDS/LifeCycle 2014: 545 miles over 7 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles. And I'm asking for your support. This is DOUBLE my 2013 success! I know that together we can do it!
DONATE: First, if you can, please donate to my ride. Every penny counts and your $25 donation before March 10, 2014 will enter you to win a prize in my raffle. (First prize is an iPad mini!) 
SUPPORT: Second, if you cannot donate or are already supporting the ride, then contact me with your support. Send me a message on Facebook, by email, or Twitter. Or comment and participate in the discussion on my ALC blog
JOIN: You can join me! Be a rider or a roadie — its a life-changing experience. The event runs from June 1 to June 7, 2014. There are 2,500 riders and 1,000 roadies. The ALC is a traveling city and is fully supported with wonderful volunteer staff who will be excited to see YOU on the ride.
Ride with your Bear. (c) 2014.
Your money at work.
The AIDS/LifeCycle raised $14.5 million for services to people living with HIV and AIDS, outreach and education to prevent the disease, free testing for those in need, and advocacy and lobbying to improve HIV/AIDS policy. Its a huge step, but its not enough until every person gets the services they need and the disease is defeated. Help us duplicate this achievement. Help me double my 2013 donations!

About the ride.
As you can read on my blog, the ride is all about personal growth and achievement. Every rider, whatever their skill set, will be challenged. But, just as in life, no rider faces that challenge alone. The ride is fully supported by a volunteer staff of roadies. Together the riders and roadies form a family that begins with training and fundraising, continues through the ride, and extends into our daily lives. Coming together to help others and the community brings us so much joy, we call it the "Love Bubble."

I ride for my friends who need HIV and AIDS services. I ride to increase the LGBT presence in the community. I ride for John Wright, my best friend and mentor.

Support me in 2014 on the AIDS/LifeCycle.

Your Bear